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Schedule a Computer Technician to Come to Your Home.
We Service Both PC & MAC Desktops and Laptops

Home Services

We offer in-home service for computers, printers, network devices, game systems, and more.

This service is for in-home installation of customer supplied equipment. Technician is not responsible if customer has not purchased the correct hardware/software and will be charged our normal on-site fee for service.

This is a pre-paid service and we will email you an invoice before site visit. Any additional costs or parts required for service/installation beyond the original on-site request will be billed additionally.

Service not always available on a laptop.

Prices given are for customers within 20 minutes of our shop location. A nominal trip charge will apply for customers outside of our 20 minute service area.

Desktop/Laptop Setup

Unbox and setup client supplied desktop or laptop computer. Install client supplied software and connect to Internet. Can also add printer to computer as well.

Desktop $149
Laptop $149


Install client supplied router, configure network name (SSID), setup password, connect up to 4 devices.

$149 for 2 Hrs
If you need cable ran for the router or access point, please call for a quote.


Installation of printer on up to 2 computers through network or wifi or install one printer with USB connection.

$75 Flat Fee

NETWORK Drive setup

Install and configure 1 NAS drive on client network and setup shares, users and create drive mapping and shortcuts.

$149 for 2 hrs

graphics/other card

Add new card inside computer or remove and replace existing card. Card can be graphics, network, USB, etc. Install driver and test to make sure it works properly.

Desktop Only $75


Remove old heatsink and replace with new. Technician will provide standard thermal paste, if required for installation.

 Desktop Only $75


Remove old CPU and replace with new. Technician will provide standard thermal paste for heatsink re-installation,

Desktop Only $75


Install new memory into computer and test to make sure it works properly buy checking system info on computer.

Desktop $75
Laptop $85

Game Console Setup

Install client supplied game console, setup controllers, add to network (wired or wifi), setup user profile(s).

$75 Flat Fee


VR Setup on client supplied computer. Make sure your system meets the system requirements of the hardware. Some sensors require sensors to be mounted so please prepare play area and plan space before technician arrives.

$149 for 2 hrs


Installation of one software title on one computer. We only install licensed or free software on your computer system.

Desktop $75
Laptop $75


Remove and replace motherboard inside system, reconnect all cables, drives and wiring. Power up to test system load.

Desktop Only $75

power supply

Remove and replace power supply, connect to internal components and make sure system turns on and loads.

Desktop Only $75


Configure automatic data backup to client supplied USB hard drive. Help identify crucial files and start backup.

$75 Flat Fee

CD/dvd/BLURAY drive

Remove and replace existing drive with new. Install and needed drivers and test to make sure it is working.

Desktop $75
Laptop $75


7902 Belair Rd
Lower Level Rear Entrance
Nottingham, MD 21236

(443) 231-5627


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM – Wednesday
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM – Saturday (pick-up / drop-off services only)
CLOSED – Sunday


We are located at the intersection of Belair Road and Lincoln Ave in the Baltimore/Nottingham area - right off 695.

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