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Handheld Repairs

SysQuick’s Console Repair Store also services all major handhelds from Sony, Sega, and Nintendo.  We can service a large variety of models and systems and can obtain even retro system parts for classic handhelds such as ones from Nintendo and Sega.

Costs for all handheld system repairs start at $30.00 plus price of any parts needed for repairs.  This service covers any of the following systems:

  • Sony Playstation Vita
  • Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) – Includes PSP Go models
  • Nintendo DS – Includes DSi, 3DS, New 3DS, and 2DS models
  • Nintendo Gameboy – Includes Gameboy Color, Advance, and Advance SP models
  • Sega GameGear
  • Sega Nomad

Retro System Repairs

Got an old Nintendo Entertainment System or a Sega MegaDrive system you want to bring back to life?  SysQuick’s Console Repair Store can do that, too.  We can attempt repairs or restorative work on any retro system produced prior to the year 2006 by major manufacturers such as Sega, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Atari, NeoGeo and Coleco.

Prices for retro system repairs start at $30.00 plus price of parts.  However, SysQuick, Inc. cannot guarantee all retro repairs can be done nor can some parts be obtained due to the age of systems or obscurity of potentially rare items.  If you’re not sure we can fix it, just call us.

Controller Repairs

SysQuick’s Console Repair Store services controllers for most major game systems and PCs.  We can fix a variety of problems from stuck buttons to drifting analog sticks.  

Costs for controller repairs start at $20.00 plus price of parts needed for all repairs.  Please be aware that not all controllers or peripherals have the same parts and costs can vary greatly from model to model.  If you’re not sure if its repairable, feel free to call, email or stop into our location to find out more.

For more details, visit the Console Repair Store website.


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