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Our experienced Mac repair technicians can fix a wide variety of Apple products


Have an older Mac that needs a little help keeping up with newer software? System is slow and you feel you need a performance booster? Have some new software that will not run on your current Mac OS version?

SysQuick offers upgrades including RAM (memory), hard drives (SSD drives included), Mac operating systems, external hard drives, software, batteries, antivirus and more.

Our $99 service fee has you covered for all labor charges (excluding data recovery). If you need a battery replacement and RAM upgrade or a complete overhaul with all the upgrades, our labor charge stays the same. At SysQuick we offer up front pricing for all of our Mac upgrades, services and repairs.


SysQuick offers data recovery on old or corrupted hard drives, both internal and external.  In combination with our $99.00 computer repair service, the cost of testing and diagnostics is $29.99 and the recovery rate is $.25 a GB capped at $149.99 for up to 1TB.

As a standalone service, the testing and diagnostic fee is $49.99 with a recovery rate of $.25 a GB capped at $149.99 for up to 1TB.

1TB – 5TB the recovery rate is still $.25 a GB but capped at $299.99.

5TB and above is a flat rate of $500.00.

Our recovery rate covers all data recovered. This includes fragmented and whole data. We are not responsible for the condition of the data we recover. We do not guarantee any level of data recovery; it is a best effort/software driven service. We utilize hardware and software for all current operating systems and manufacturers. We always advise against recovering corrupted files as they will likely corrupt any system they’re connected to after that.

If your hard drive cannot be recovered in house by our technicians, we offer more advanced data recovery through our partners at Gillware and DriveSavers.


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